Something About Me

Hi! I’m MG. Some call me Ehm, some call me Grace. You can call me whatever you want, just not a nasty name. 🙂

Ayokong paduguin yung ilong ko kaka-English, baka di ko mapanindigan. Obviously, Pinay ako. My family is the most important people in my life. I am willing to do everything for them. Anything.

I love singing, pero yung kanta walang hilig sa akin. Sayang! Magandang career din sana yun noh. Kaya lang hanggang sa loob lang ng bahay ang concert na pwede kong pagbidahan. Mama at Papa ko ang Presidente ng fans club ko ^_^

Mahilig akong magsulat. Nung high school ako, gumagawa ako ng tula. Trip trip lang. Kunyare inspired ako sa isang bagay o isang tao. And then one day, i found myself writing whatever i feel na hindi ko maishare sa iba. Minsan ginagawan ko pa ng storya, but mostly personal stuff. Since I am not a talkative person, parang writing became my way of sharing out what is on my mind. Though i barely let other people read it, coz i don’t think it’s worth sharing. Then came Facebook and Tumblr and other bunch of stuff in the internet where you can share your mind to others. is the first public website i had the guts to put my writings on. Views are few but the feeling that i had my mind and heart on the stuff i write, okay na sakin coz i get to share my thoughts.

Uhm, couldn’t think of something any more interesting about me yet, but sure you’ll get to know me more on my blogs. I write more from personal “hugot” so if you are going to read my work, or if you already have, i just want to say Thank You. Please feel free to leave a comment, wag lang masyadong hard ha 😀


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