Random Facts

Hello again! So let’s say this is Part 2 of my introduction blog. I am someone who sits in front of the computer all day (no i’m not a gamer, I work). Besides work, when the day is not too busy for me, I do something para makaiwas sa boredom or minsan palipas oras lang. Last year nagsimula akong mahilig magbasa. You can see me reading an ebook copy of a book shared by a friend or something I feel is interesting to read. One of the books I read that had me hooked is The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare, which I am waiting to be aired as a TV series in the States early next year (asa na naman sa internet para makanood). So there, i love reading. If I’m not reading, you’d probably find me watching a movie or Youtube vlogs. Some of the Youtubers I like watching are Alfie, Zoella, Marcus, and Joe (they’re UK Youtubers. I don’t know what’s with the British accent, it sounds sexy, i guess). Locally, I used to watch TheCountessAnna. She delivers her rants lightly and she’s adorable and funny to watch. Another local Youtuber I watch is Say Artillero. Her make up tutorials and daily vlogs got me watching her on a daily basis before, until i lost interest with make up. But I still watch their videos once in a while. The last one i watched was a video of “Random Facts About Me” which gave me the idea of doing the same in my blog. So I decided to share a few facts about me (kahit wala naman talagang interesado, haha). Here it is.

  1. I don’t know how to cook. (i’m just not a kitchen person. I want to learn a bit but i think cooking is not for me, my! i have poor taste buds, basta okay ang lasa pwede na. I’d rather baby sit.)
  2. I’m a loner. (Introvert, that’s what they call it. I’d rather be alone with my thoughts or with a few people i know  in a room than be with people i barely know and talk and socialize. I grew up quiet and only had few friends)
  3. I’m a parents’ girl. (i mean mama’s girl and a papa’s girl in one. oooppssiee! sorry not sorry! ^_^)
  4. I am a frustrated artist. (frustrated singer. frustrated dancer. frustrated model? frustrated writer. frustrated poet. sums up to be a frustration of all the talent that i want. haha so my ultimate dream is to be all that.)
  5. I have lot of stuff on my bucket list. (travel. dreams. plans. gusto ko nga din sanang idagdag – maging boyfriend si Terrence Romeo o kaya Rodney Brondial, kaya lang hindi na bucketlist tawag dun. Ilusyon na. kaya nagstick na lang ako sa makatotohanan.)
  6. I’m an occasional drinker. (let’s not just focus on the good. i used to drink a lot before. well, a change of environment helped. i’d say alcohol and I had a falling out. haha)
  7. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo. (since 2010 or 2011, 2012? tapos nawala, then this year desidido na talaga ako to the point na ipinagpaalam ko pa sa parents ko and to my surprise, they agreed. nagsuggest pa si erpat san part maganda magpalagay. cool, eh? kaya lang matatapos na 2015 hindi pa rin natutuloy, priorities. but that’ll happen.)
  8. I had my first relationship at 18. (oh teh wag ka, legal age! legal din sa family. Tho it didn’t last that long. mature and immature reasons.)
  9. I am a Hopeless Romantic. (I remember a friend asked me, “Ano yan, walang pag-asang pag-ibig?” something like that. Which, ironically, i think is the opposite of what it really means.  I believe Hopeless Romantics are full of hope. They are in love with love that they believe someone right will come along at the right time. And so am I.)
  10. I’m kinda old-fashioned. (maybe not in the way i dress but growing up in the province is a factor plus my mama’s constant reminder always keeps me on the right path. At saka may mga lumang kaugalian na masarap naman ipagpatuloy sa kabila ng kamodernuhan ng panahon, di ba?)

Ayan. Minsan okay din pala napapa-isip ka ng mga ganyan kasi parang you’re getting to know yourself more din. When I was younger, I was always afraid to express myself. Maybe that’s why I’m a quiet person. Takot na takot akong baka kung ano ang sabihin ng iba tao tungkol sakin. Ang hirap ipakilala sa ibang tao yung sarili mo eh – yung totoong ikaw. Madalas kasi bago ka nila tanggapin, nahusgahan ka na muna. Meron namang hindi ka pa man kilala, hindi na maganda yung impression sayo.

Growing older I realized, magkakaiba naman ang tao. Lahat naman tayo may flaws. Don’t hide your true self just because you are afraid to be judged. Wag mong ikahiya kung sino ka. What matters is that you know who you really are. Ikaw ang unang unang tatanggap sa sarili mo. Kapag natanggap mo kung ano ka, mas madali na para sa iba ang magustuhan ka. Just be real. Always. ^_^

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